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 The PROFORMANCE staff are easy to talk to. You can ask any question, make suggestions for future enhancements, and they are receptive to feedback... I’m always happy to pipe up and say that our process has been smooth and we have never regretted being with PROFORMANCE.

What our clients say

From the time we were introduced to PROFORMANCE approximately 15 years ago, we have worked together as partners, with one common goal of making First Volunteer Bank's operations and services optimal... I can always count on the PROFORMANCE team to be knowledgeable, helpful, true to their word, and an exceptional service provider.

Judy G Cartwright

Executive Vice President, CIO at First Volunteer Bank, Chattanooga TN


One System to

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With INFO-ACCESS by PROFORMANCE, you'll streamline your business' lending processes and  step your customer service up to the next level.

Banking Workflow, Ready to Go

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Complete Consolidation

INFO-ACCESS consolidates your bank's information into a single, user-friendly data experience that is accessible where and when your team needs it.

No More Data Entry

INFO-ACCESS is a smart technology that knows what the information in your documents means when you scan them. It's as easy as dragging and dropping information where you need it - no more need for mundane data entry.

Compliance Optimization

INFO-ACCESS reduces errors as documents are produced, authorized, and passed along, so your business can mitigate the risks associated with incomplete loan documentation.

Unparalleled Customer Service

With INFO-ACCESS available to your employees, your business will be able to provide the great customer service that helps you retain customers over the long term. Your clients will delight at the speed of the process.

Roxane Huberty

Vice President, Loan Administration at First Citizens Bank, Mason City IA

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